Fashion is everywhere

In every sector, the brand repsents the synthesis of values ​​and characteristics. This concept is valid whatever the company produces, but it is particularly valid when it comes to the world of fashion. The relationship between fashion and brands is indissoluble. The branded products in the fashion industry must be investigated in a specific way.

Wear brands

When a brand is worn it goes around the world. Clothing, accessories, shoes, everything that is fashion is one of the sectors of branded products that are more exposed to the public. The brands of the fashion industry repsent lifestyles, atmospheres, production philosophies, ways of being, categories, countries of origin, materials, methods of production, pcise corporate choices. Branded products that can be worn or products that recall a fashion brand are a suggestion, a purchase proposal, a temptation that is free to walk the world.

Multiplication of opportunities

Fashion is a huge sector. From the twentieth century to today its importance in terms of production and distribution has grown exponentially. With the birth of sportswear and prêt à porter, the possibility to expand customers has become potentially infinite. During the twentieth century, fashion branded products became a way to satisfy the need for social belonging and at the same time to stand out from the crowd. Two necessities, these, which seem opposite but are complementary.

Better small and not intrusive

The practice of applying very showy brands (immediately recognizable) on branded products, has had a long fortune in the recent past. Applying a very recognizable symbol of the company on your branded products has been the dominant strategy until a few years ago. Times have changed. Now, even the objects that bring a famous brand of the fashion industry, are thought in a more discreet way. The public no longer appciates the screamed brand. Corporate and sales strategies are winning when they are taken into account.